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Why Choose Raw Goats Milk? Because it's BETTER!
Some might ask, why on earth would I want to feed my dog or cat Raw Goats Milk? Because it is safer and healthier then pasteurized milk; when looking at the benefits that Raw Milk has to offer, most might be shocked. When goats or cow’s milk is pasteurized the lactase enzyme which is so beneficial to our animals is destroyed during the heating process. Research has proven that Goats Milk is one of the most complete foods known. It is filled with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein and fatty acids. Unpasteurized goats milk helps improve the overall digestive process because it alkalinizes the digestive system and doesn’t produce acid in the intestinal system.

Gravel Cleaning Your Aquarium
Ever wonder how important it is to clean the gravel in your tank A clean fish tank ensures optimum health for your fish and provides them with a safe environment in which to swim and grow. One of the most important parts of a fish tank is cleaning the gravel. Fish waste and uneaten food sink to the bottom of the tank and become trapped beneath the gravel. Proper cleaning of your tanks gravel is essential to the long term health of your fish. The general consensus is you should clean your gravel every 10 to 14 day. It’s recommended that you turn off your filter and heater during the cleaning process.

We Are Proud Of Our Breeders!
This article is based on Kathy and Delmar Loe of Loe Kennels They have received a perfect USDA inspection for 2010 (and before). They started their kennel for pups in June of '96 after raising Persian cats for 18 years and getting numerous "Breeder of the Year" awards. They had an opportunity to purchase a facility and they did. They have 5 acres that the dogs have plenty of room to be let out and exercise.

All Pets Club Annual Halloween Pet Parade!
Come join us for our Annuall Halloween Pet Parade! The parade will take place on October 22nd in Wallingford and Branford at 7:30PM. We ask that you please arrive early to register your pet at 7:00PM. There will be tricks, treats, prizes and refreshments. The stores are decorated for the festivities and it is great time for the pets and the customers. Need a costume? All Pets Club has a huge supply of great costumes and accessories for your pet! We hope to see you there!

Follow Up To Punkin!
I just saw the story about Izzy-Bella (Punkin) and was very touched. I just wanted to give you all an update on my little girl and let you know she’s been the light of my life ever since I brought her home. She has brought so much joy to my family and my other pets after the loss of my dog Coach. Izzy meaning “Gift from God,” has had a lot of adventures since we've been home, she loves the car and visiting the elderly people I work with.

The Miniature Pinscher "Punkin"!
Accidents can happen in any home... The best thing you can do is be prepared for when they do. On April 27th one of our beautiful little pups, "Punkin" a Miniature Pinscher, suffered a traumatic fall. With the quick response of our staff and verterinarian it was determined she had broken both bones in her front left leg. The break was clean but in a tricky spot. It was definately going to require specialized care. We consulted with Veterinarian Specialists of Connecticut in West Hartford and agreed that, although quite expensive at $2500, the best course of action would be an external fixture. Punkin had her surgery and spent the next 4 weeks traveling back and forth for follow-ups, bandage changes and going through extensive physical therapy.

All Pets Club Voted Best Pet Boutique!
It was honor to hear that All Pets Club was voted Best Pet Boutique for New Haven Advocate Best of 2010. Thank you to all of our customers for making this possible for with out all of you we would not be here today. We appreciate your business. Thank you for voting us Best Pet Boutique!

Is The Water In Your Pond Green? We Can Help!
The two main problems that cause your pond water to turn green are pollen and phosphates. The only way to remove the pollen from the water is by using a UV Sterilizewr. UV Sterilizers are easily installed and maintained. You will be amazed with the results! Excess Phosphates feed algae growth. If you remove the phosphates, the algae will die off.

All Pets Club 1st Annual Yard Sale!
Save the date Saturday June 5th & Sunday June 6th forAll Pets Club 1st annual Yard Sale to benefit P.A.R.T. (Protecting Animals Rights Together). The Yard Sale will be held at our Branford location from 10:00AM-4PM rain of shine! Looking to get rid of your old unwanted household items? Why not donate them to our Yard Sale! You not only get rid of your unwanted items , you help Protect Animals Rights as well!

All Pets Club 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt A Big Hit!
All Pets Club would like to thank everyone who attended our 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt that was held at our Branford store on Saturday March 27th, 2010. It was a great time for both the kids and their pets. We are glad the rain held out even thought it was a bit chilly the sun was still shining. We look forward to seeing you again next year! Please visit our Photo Gallery to view pictures of the Easter Egg Hunt!

Duke The Shih Tzu Returned Safe And Sound To All Pets Club North Windham
All Pets Club is happy to say that on Sunday March 28, 2010 a couple from West Hartford, CT walked into our North Windham location with Duke the Shih Tzu. Apparently the couple advised that they purchased Duke from someone for $30!

Duke The Shih Tzu Stolen From All Pets Club
On Wednesday March 17th, 2010 Duke a little Shih Tzu was STOLEN from All Pets Club in North Windham, CT. All Pets Club employee Tommy saw the women in the store and said hello to her. She was wearing an oversized coat and was looking at our puppies. Tommy saw the women again and as she walked by he noticed that her coat looked a little bulky, so he went back to check the puppies and sure enough one was missing.

Stella and Chewy's Demo Day's!
Thinking of starting a RAW diet? Now is the time to get all your question's answered. Stop down to All Pets Club Branford on Saturday March 6th, 2010 or All Pets Club Wallingford Saturday March 13th, 2010 from 11AM-3PM and see how Stella and Chewy's freeze dried RAW dinners and Carnivore Crunch treats can benefit your dog.

Good Water Quality
To maintain good water quality is the single most important aspect of keeping a healthy aquarium. Setting a maintenance schedule consisting of a 25% water change, filter replacement, and a water test monthly can improve the health of your fish and alert you to water condition trouble before it becomes a problem. Poor water quality is not the end of the WORLD! No matter what trouble you have in your aquarium, our staff has the knowledge and products to help you get back on track to having a happy home aquarium.

All Pets Club 3RD Annual Easter Egg Hunt-Branford
Save the date! All Pets Club is holding it's 3rd annual Easter egg hunt in the Branford location on Saturday March 27, 2010 at 1:00PM. The Easter Egg Hunt will be held rain or shine. There will be treats and prizes! Bring your children and pets down for a fun time! If you have any questions you can contact us at (203) 483-7387 or customerservice@allpetsclub.com!

Santa is Coming to All Pets Club 12/12/09!
Bring your favorite pal down to All Pets Club Saturday December 12th for pictures with Santa and his reindeers!Santa and his reindeers will be taking pictures from 3PM-6PM. Pictures will be taken courtesy of Matt Branscombe photographer of BSC Photo and Design. Hope to see you there! Ho Ho Ho Ho!

All Pets Club’s Halloween Parade!
All Pets Club’s annual Halloween Parade was a huge hit this year! We had over 40 pets participate and parade around the store in their best costumes. To celebrate, we had apple cider, candy for all the owners, treats and goody bags for the pets and prizes!

First Annual Fashion Show is a Success for All Pets Club!
All Pet’s Club teamed with PetRageous Design to put on a spectacular fashion show with raffles to help raise money for Cappy the Beagle’s Power Nubby! Cappy is in need of prosthetic leg, and All Pets Club is honored to have been able to help out this loving and deserving dog.

All Pets Club Opens in North Windham, CT!
All Pets Club has just opened a new branch in North Windham, CT! North Windham is the smallest of the branches with a store of 3,000 sq. ft., but it still has the same quality, professionalism and fun that you know All Pets Club to have!

PART: Protecting Animal Rights Together – A New Non-Profit Organization
All Pets Club wants to further be involved in securing the future of all animals. To do this, we have a non-profit organization called PART (Protecting Animals Rights Together). PART helps to protect animal health, safety and environment and also promotes education to all, especially children.


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I went to the All Pets Club store in Branford & had an AMAZING experience. I bought a stone fish & some other things. Everyone there was nice & educated on what they were doing. Thanks! Zach Kusek, Thompson, CT