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Good Water Quality


Importance Of Maintaining Good Water Quality 

To maintain good water quality is the single most important aspect of keeping a healthy aquarium. Setting a maintenance schedule consisting of a 25% water change, filter replacement, and a water test monthly can improve the health of your fish and alert you to water condition trouble before it becomes a problem. Poor water quality is not the end of the WORLD! No matter what trouble you have in your aquarium, our staff has the knowledge and products to help you get back on track to having a happy home aquarium.

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Hi I bought my puppy Ginger from you back in 1999 when you were One Stop Pets. She was a MaltiPoo and I had her for the last 13 years I just had to put her down 2 weeks ago and it killed me she was so sweet and was a great friend. I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to have purchased her as my Birthday gift back then and having 13 really enjoyable years with her!! You guys had excellent service staff and they were very pleasant to me and I am glad I bought her from your store.

Phillip A., CT