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The Miniature Pinscher "Punkin"!


Accidents can happen in any home...

The best thing you can do is be prepared for when they do. On April 27th one of our beautiful little pups, "Punkin" a Miniature Pinscher, suffered a traumatic fall. With the quick response of our staff and verterinarian it was determined she had broken both bones in her front left leg. The break was clean but in a tricky spot. It was definately going to require specialized care. We consulted with Veterinarian Specialists of Connecticut in West Hartford and agreed that, although quite expensive at $2500, the best course of action would be an external fixture. Punkin had her surgery and spent the next  4 weeks traveling back and forth for follow-ups, bandage changes and going through extensive physical therapy.

On May 22nd Punkin's final bandage was removed. Remarkably, through the wonderful work and care of VSC, their staff, and ours. Punkin has made a full complete recovery! Running, jumping and playing just like any other pup. As an added benefit, out of an unfortunate accident Punkin has had a vast array of exposure that makes her a wonder addition to one lucky family. During her recovery time Punkin lived at home with one of our devoted staff members and family. She healed in a loving home environment and had exposure to large and small dogs, cats and children...as well as having been started on her housebreaking!!

On June 14th Leah Nadler came into our Wallingford location to take a look at some of our pups! Having just lost one of her puppies to a house fire she met "Punkin". She fell in love instantly and decided that life wouldn't be the same with out "Punkin" in it! Punkin now has a great home that she shares with a Great Dane and cats. Another happy ending at All Pets Club!

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Writing to thank your staff for the information regarding my Corn snake's feeding.
He would not eat and I was trying to feed him live.
They suggested feeding him by dangling f/t mouse. He snatched that out of my hand so quick, I didn't even see it happen.
Again, Thank you. Your staff has always been accommodating when I shop your store.