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Gravel Cleaning Your Aquarium


Ever wonder how important it is to clean the gravel in your tank 

A clean fish tank ensures optimum health for your fish and provides them with a safe environment in which to swim and grow. One of the most important parts of a fish tank is cleaning the gravel. Fish waste and uneaten food sink to the bottom of the tank and become trapped beneath the gravel. Proper cleaning of your tanks gravel is essential to the long term health of your fish. The general consensus is you should clean your gravel every 10 to 14 day. It’s recommended that you turn off your filter and heater during the cleaning process. They don't work very well out of the water, and you might damage them. One common practice is to scrub whatever algae is in the tank , then let the tank settle down for a half hour so you can vacuum up the algae that has settle to the bottom of your fish tank. The amount of water you siphon out with your gravel cleaner can vary from 10% to 50%. Never change your filter and water the same day, you could be in danger off removing too much beneficial bacteria, clean the filter on a week you don't clean the gravel .When filling the tank backup be sure to add your water conditioner, and a biological filter booster .Your welcome to stop in to any of our All Pets Club locations for a gravel cleaning demonstration.

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Hi I bought my puppy Ginger from you back in 1999 when you were One Stop Pets. She was a MaltiPoo and I had her for the last 13 years I just had to put her down 2 weeks ago and it killed me she was so sweet and was a great friend. I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to have purchased her as my Birthday gift back then and having 13 really enjoyable years with her!! You guys had excellent service staff and they were very pleasant to me and I am glad I bought her from your store.

Phillip A., CT