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Updated December 4,, 2022

The list is tentative.  Updates are posted frequently.

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Puppies Arriving Week of Dec 11th

1M Maltese – White

1M Japanese Chin – Tri Color

1F Lhasa Apso – Golden/White

1M Miniature Poodle – Black

1M 1F Lhasalier - Golden

3F Boston Terrier – (1F) Chocolate/White, (2F) Black/White

1M 1F Cavapoo - Cream

2M 2F Pug – (1M) Fawn/Black Mask, (1M) Black/Tan, (2F) Fawn Merle

1M 2F Miniature Australian Shepherd – (1M 1F) Blue Merle, (1F) Red Merle

3M Goldendoodle – Dark Golden

1M 1F Dachshund – (1M) Chocolate/Tan, (1F) Black/Tan

5M 3F Golden Retriever – Dark Golden

2M 2F Siberian Husky – (2M 1F) Black/White, (1F) Grey/White

1M 1F English Bulldogs – (1M) Chocolate Tri, (1F) Black Tri

3M 1F Miniature Labradoodle – (1M) Red, (1M) Apricot, (1M) Cream, (1F) Cream

2M 2F Standard Poodle – (1M) Brown/White, (1M 1F) Brown, (1F) Black/White

2M 1F Cavapoo – Red 1st Pick F

1F Bichon Frise – White

1M 1F Chihuahua/Bichon – (1M) Black/White, (1F) White

3M 3F Boxer – (1M) Sealed Brindle, (1M) White, (1M 3F) Brindle


Puppies Arriving Week of Dec 18th

1M Silky Terrier – Black/Tan

1M Japanese Chin – Lemon/White

1F Morkie – Black/Tan

1M Papipoo – Red

1M Shih Tzu – Brown/White Parti

1M 1F Miniautre Australian Shepherd – Chocolate/ Tan

1M Miniature Poodle – Black/Tan

3M 1F Dachshund - (2M) Black/Tan, (1M) Chocolate/Tan, (1F) Chocolate Dapple

2M 1F Miniature Schnauzer –(1M) Black/Tan, (1M 1F) Blue Merle

1M 3F Sharp Eagle – (1M) Blue, (1F) Red, (1F) Chocolate, (1F) Black

3M 3F Labradoodle – Colors to Come

5M 1F Dalmatian – White/Black Spots


Puppies Arriving Week of Jan 1st

1M Boston Terrier – Red/White

4M 1F Cocker Spaniel – (1M) Red, (1M) Black, (1M) Buff/White, (1M 1F) Blue Merle

1M 1F Dachshund – (1M) Black/Tan, (1F) Chocolate/Tan

1M 3F Miniature Schnauzer – (1M 1F) Blue Merle, (1F) Black, (1F) Chocolate

2M 5F Golden Retriever – Golden

3M 3F Goldendoodles – Cream

3M 1F Cavalier King Charles – (1M 1F) Blenheim, (1M) Black/Tan, (1M) Ruby


Puppies Arriving Week of Jan 8th

1M 1F Puggle – (1M) Blue Merle, (1F) Chocolate Merle

3F Shiba Inu – Red

3M 2F Bernese Mountain Dog – Black/Rust/White

2M 1F Maltipoo – (2M) White, (1F) Red/White


Puppies Arriving Week of Jan 22nd

1M 3F Bernese Mountain Dog – Black/Rust/White