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Algone Aqueon Alliance
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (API) Aquarium Products Aquarium Solutions
Aquarium Technology Backroads
Blue Ribbon
Boyd Caribbean Sea, Inc.
Eheim Elite
Exo Terra Feller Stone Fluval
H20 Life Hagen
HBH Hikari Hydor
Imagine Gold Insight Instant Ocean
Jungle Kent Kordon
Laguna Lees Living Sea
Living World
Mag Float Mardel
Marina Marina Aquatic
Nature's Ocean Nutrafin Ocean Nutrition
Oceanic Omega Sea Panacea
Piscine Poly Bio Marine Pond Care
Prosalt Python Products Red Sea
Reef San Francisco Bay Brand Seachem
Splendid Betta
Spot Brand
Tetra Tropic Marin UltraLife
VO-Toys Wardley Zan Ornament


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Today, my boyfriend and I walked into the Wallingford location just having become owners of a 33 gallon fish tank. We were completely clueless about fish and how to keep them. After a few minutes of wandering around the store completely lost on where to start, I came across Sam in the fish department. She was amazing! Put up with all our (never-ending) questions, pointed out things that we had never heard of, and even grabbed Justin, the King of Cichlids, for some extra help. They never became impatient, and thoroughly explained everything to us. We'll be back next week to finally stock our currently cycling tank! Thank you!