We are family owned and operated with
four brick and mortar stores in Connecticut.
We are proud to be serving our community
for over 33 years!
We remain dedicated to being an
essential part to helping to
keep your pet family happy and healthy.  

A message from ALL PETS CLUB founder

Life’s Journey.  


There is a beginning and an end and in between, as time goes by, there is stuff.  The pilgrims first landing in Provincetown in 1620, electricity invented in 1879,  man walked on the moon in 1969,  ALL PETS CLUB first store “One Stop Pet Shop” founded in 1989, and the start of a worldwide pandemic in 2020.


Now, 33 years later, my life’s journey has taken me here today - still bringing families closer together, working alongside 2nd generation family employees, growing family and friends, sharing family and pets, building relationships with great care and respect.


We are proud of our team, the challenges and life’s episodes that happen.   We stand strong with friends and family.  We must always be grateful and thankful every day.  We work with people’s hearts and gain so much gratification from bringing people and pets together.


As we close 2021, reflect how time continues to transform the way we live;   cost of goods going up, changes around the world, new normals we could have never imagined and time keeps passing.


We are working hard to keep our family bonded and maintain special great savings for all R Club members and friends who share the joy of pets.  

We are proud to partner with Natural Balance to share super savings in our stores and on Natural Balance products and to donate to Connecticut families in need to help care for their pets that are so important to us. Last year we donated over $35,000!  In 2022, we will continue helping Connecticut families and pets in need by donating all proceeds from sales of our pet family calendar and coupon book as well as giving $5 for every R Club Membership sold.


We look forward to continuing to work hard to bring you quality pets, pet supplies and great pet brands at great prices.


We thank you for your continued support! From Our Family to Yours, We Wish You Peace, Love, Health & Happiness Everyday.



Founder and President


pictures are real PETS AND REAL people in our real storeS