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Freshwater  &  Saltwater

Aquarium & Pond

Coral & Plants

Plus tanks, food, decorations, supplies & accessories for all your aquatic needs

We've got live stock

& wide variety of 

aquatic supplies

Come fish at our stores!

Our fish selection is worth the drive from anywhere!

We carry a little bit of everything from the bread & butter to the exotic, and cater to anyone from a first time fish-keeper to a lifelong hobbyist!

Selections vary at store locations.

Outdoor live pond in Branford & Wallingford only

Buy on-line, Pick up in-store!

select from a wide
variety of fabulous fish  
and live aquarium plants

place your order and choose your
favorite ALL PETS CLUB location

your personally selected fish
will be ready & waiting for you
to pick up at ALL PETS CLUB!

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Image by Katie McNabb
ALL PETS CLUB fish mascot


variety of fish in tanks
live coral in large tank
exotic fish and coral
Clownfish in Aquarium
colorful saltwater fish

Freshwater Fish

Saltwater Fish

Live Corals

Residential Garden

Food & Care

Decor, Gravel

Live  Plants

colorful saltwater fish
fish tanks and aquariums for sale
colorful salt and freshwater fish
exotic saltwater fish
Image by Jen Theodore
Image by Daniel Corneschi
Gold Fish in Water
variety of beta fish

Pond Fish & Supplies



Pumps & Filters

Tanks & Stands

Water Care & Testers

Image by naomi tamar
Siamese Fighting Fish
Image by davian id82

Disease Treatments

Replacement Parts

Starter Kits

Feeder Fish

plus so much more

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