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Image by Ricky  Kharawala

Small Animals

new critters every week

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One stop shop for small animals & all their  needs

Small fury friend pets for sale

Cute, cuddly and furry friends from our small animal collection will warm your heart!   Our small animals are smart, interactive and fun to watch!

We offer some of the most exotic animals in the area.  Visit us for hands on experience and find your new little buddy!   Our friendly and  knowledgeable staff will educate you on everything you need to keep them healthy, happy and safe.

We stock a large variety of food, toys, supplies & accessories for your furbaby .  Stuff you can see and touch before you buy.

We carry a variety of little critters

Availability of all live animals fluctuates & dependent on location.

We can transfer across our stores for you & ask about special orders.

Hedgehog Pets for Sale


Sugar glider for sale

Sugar Gliders

Mice & rats for sale

Mice & Rats

We carry quality brands
for everything your little guys

Guinea pigs for sale

Guinea Pigs

bunny rabbits for sale

Bunny Rabbits

ALL PETS CLUB hamster gerbils

& Gerbils

ALL PETS club ferrets


hamster housing for sale
mice housing for sale
bedding for small animals
accessories for sugar glider
bedding and housing for small furry pets

Cages, Food, Treats,
Toys, Bedding, 
Accessories & Supplies

Earn FREE product for your furbaby

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