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Image by T.R Photography

Same Policy for Kittens!

The $150 1st Pick deposit is refunded if you decide the puppy is not for you. 
If you purchase the puppy or decide on another puppy, 
the $150 1st Pick deposit is credited to your purchase.      

A puppy can only have one first pick

First come, First served  :)

   You can place multiple 1st picks on litters, but only the 1st $150 is refundable or applied to your puppy purchase unless you purchase more than one puppy.

When we are "expecting"
a puppy, anyone can
place a $150 (refundable!)
"1st Pick"

on the puppy
before the puppy
arrives to us.

When you have "1st Pick":

  • You decide which store location the puppy goes to

  • You get to be the first one to meet the puppy and decide if the puppy will be yours

Reservations made after 6pm EST the Wednesday

before the week the puppy is expected, can not be

guaranteed a selection of store location.

1st Pick

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